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About us

We're called Stonerz elite because the leader (Jack) is a stone head, all of the leaders in the clan are from UK though you don't need to live in the UK to join. infact we have members cover most time zones.

This clan was created in 2014 and have managed to grow quite big and strong and have a fair few amount of active players who all enjoy the game and contribute in chat, donations and giving advice concerning the game, the message is to have fun; after all, it's just a game!


There are 7 Co-Leaders: Cookey, viceversa, iAdyxD, mish, face, lynch and CraigF01. The Co-Leaders communicate with each other about some of the strategies and monitor fair play in our clan. Only the Leader and co-Leaders promote and kick players and is normaly done so if supported by another Co-Leader. Kicking is only ever done if you're abusive, racist, don't donate, break the basic rules or not active in play or chat periods.

The Leader of the Clan is Jack.

New Members

You have probably looked or been asked to join our clan and read this website, as much as we like to chat, sometimes it's not always easy to inform you of everything the moment you join as other commitments outside of the game might not always allow it (work, school, family, time and lots not forget WIVES!). So a quick overview: donate troops most needed is archers unless stated, keep active in chat, always donate to outstanding requests before you request. Do not expect to get a Dragon or P.E.K.K.A when you join. they're given once we know you're not a clan hopper. Finally DO NOT ask to be elder, elder is earned overtime and will be based on mainly donations, loyalty, fair play and active chat.


Elders answer any general questions put to them by members to the best of there ability if online, they have the power to recruit others into the clan, but should not promote or kick others, if they think someone should be promoted or kicked, then they inform leader and co leaders. elders can also be demoted if not active over an extended period of time.


You need not to be an Elder to protect yourself from being kicked; Only the Leaders have the right. if this comes to pass, it shall be done fairly. If you want to invite a friend into the clan then get them to search for the clan and get them to request in, asking for elder does you no favours as mentioned above. If you're active in the game and in chat, progressing well and donating well you shall surely be noticed.

Clan Rules

No racist, sexist or homophobic comments are allowed (we don't care what race, colour or creed you are. To us you are a valuable team members. We value people who respect each other, are dedicated, honest, generous and loyal). If we have members joining us that start mouthing off at other members and not standing up to it, this member will be kicked.

Tips for your base

If you're losing stars everytime you get attacked, you may need to change your base or strategy. We strongly recommend Archers or Wizards be left in your Clan Castle to defend, they are the best defensive troops as they are nimble and have the additional ability of attacking air troops. If you need help with your base, please ask in Clan Chat, one or more players will be able to help you out.


Inactive for a period of time

Please let Leader or Co Leaders know the amount of time you will be inactive for. (E.G: Vactions, illnesses, family ect...).

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